Students can take the models of final work (roof models) from studio M3. Leftover models will be cleaned next Wednesday, 21st of June. 


Construction Systems II

2016-2017- Spring


Assist. Prof. Dr. Timuçin  HARPUTLUGÄ°L

Inst. Sıla ÇANKAYA

Res. Assist. Nur ÖZKAN


Course Objectives:

Within designing building systems, to design vertical and horizontal circulation systems(with considering disabled people) and  design roof systems with their structural and constructive elements.


Course Content:

As part of three semester course, this course concentrates on design principles of vertical/horizantal circulation systems (ramps, stairs, escalators, elevators, etc.),roofing, roof components, roof structrure and roof construction with detailing.

Class attendance list, as of 8th week of the semester.